Am I the only one who cried six different times while watching Les Miserables?


When Fantine sings “I Dreamed a Dream”:


When Fantine dies:


When Eponine dies while singing “A Little Fall of Rain”:


When Gavroche dies and Javert gives him his medal:


When Marius sings “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”:


When Valjean dies and is reunited with everyone who has died in the film while they belt “Do You Hear the People Sing”:


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—but sometimes they come back :/

—but sometimes they come back :/

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Lucas: Lindsey. She’s the first thing I think about everyday. How is she? Does she miss me like I miss her? How do I get her back? Then another day without her begins.

Peyton: Lucas.
Jamie: Chester.
Brooke: Brooke. Oh my god, I have to pee!

Skills: What day is it? What time is it? What the hell did I drink last night?
Mouth: Hm, Millicent, you smell so good. I have to go to work. Sure I guess I could be a little late. What do you mean I’m fired. I wasn’t even that late. How am I going to pay my rent? Would you like fries with that sir?

Haley: Jamie.
Nathan: Jamie. God my girl’s hot.

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“You should of been there, your his father”

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Favourite One Tree Hill moments  (no particular order)

↳ 5x08 “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”

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